Bill Dodge

“Welcome aboard The Inland Nautical Society website.

We encourage you to navigate around.  Our mission is to promote interest in safety, knowledge and the enjoyment of Radio Controlled Model Boating.

We hope you will join us at the lake in Fairmount Park, located in Riverside California on Sunday at or before 10 am.

Don’t forget about our monthly luncheon and our monthly meeting.  Please refer to the Calendar page for dates, times and locations.  See you there.”

Bill Dodge, Commodore .

RC Boat Hobby

Tally Ho

For something different, I highly recommend watching the restoration of the 111 year old wooden boat, named Tally Ho. Tally Ho is presently located in the State of Washington, and her progress maybe seen on Youtube.com

Currently the hull has been fully completed.  The last plank installed in the hull is referred to as the Whisky plank, because the workers celebrate with whisky at it's completion.

When you go to Youtube.com, search for "Sampson Boat Company" and you'll learn techniques in traditional wooden boat building. 

Young Leo is a Master Boat Builder and along with his mostly volunteer group, they are rebuilding the Gaff Cutter from the keel up.

Enjoy this informative and entertaining blog. 

We will meet at our usual spot at Fairmount Park this Sunday, May 23, 2021 at 10:30 am.  Please join us to discuss the direction of the club, and activities  you would enjoy seeing the club put on.  See you there.

Also, Please refer to the Calendar page for activities of the San Diego Argonauts.  On Sunday June 3, 2021 San Diego is going to put on "Tug Fest, to test your tugs pulling power against other constants.  Click on the PDF file for more information. 

Vintage Sailors