Bill Dodge

“Welcome aboard The Inland Nautical Society website.

We encourage you to navigate around.  Our mission is to promote interest in safety, knowledge and the enjoyment of Radio Controlled Model Boating.

We hope you will join us at the lake in Fairmount Park, located in Riverside California on Sunday at or before 10 am.

Don’t forget about our monthly luncheon and our monthly meeting.  Please refer to the Calendar page for dates, times and locations.  See you there.”

Bill Dodge, Commodore .

Commodore Bill recently went to Fairmount Park to see what activities were being allowed by Park Officials, and what parking areas were open. 


Bill reports that “most of the parking lots are open except for the lot when you first come in”.  The Golf course is open and the lot where we sail is open at both entrances.  There were not a lot of people at the Park for a Saturday. 


For now, Inland Nautical Society will not have an organized Sunday Sail at the Park. 


However, for those who wish to sail on their own, please remember that the Park is a public place, and wearing masks and social distancing should be practiced. 


We’re under the Yellow Flag entering port. 


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