For Sale


Just received information from Bob’s daughter Tamara, that Bob’s estate is up for sale.  Hundreds of RC and static model boats.  I went to the site and there are many items for sale including an antique truck, tools, household items and hundreds of boats going for hundreds of dollars under market value.  All of the boats I saw were bid at way under $10.  There are radios and other related items also.

Go to and scroll down to Estate Sale in Fontana.  When you get to that link, click on “Current Sales”.  Scroll down to Estate Sales in Fontana and when your cursor is over “Estate Sales in Fontana” the black letters will change to Red.  This will be just above the green “BIDDING NOW”.   

In order to make a bid, you must register.  Go to the upper right corner of the site to do so.  Good luck.  Tamara’s number is 805-286-7435 if you have questions.