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About Us...

Inland Nautical Society is a club

for Radio Controlled Model Boaters 
Members and guests enjoy the comradely of others with similar interests from a wide variety of social, vocational, and age backgrounds.  From the young to the young at heart.  From students and professionals to the retired.  We have beginners who have never built a model before, to the experienced modelers who have built museum quality models.   This club has a reputation of friendly and knowledgeable members who are eager to share a wealth of their knowledge and expertise of radio controlled modeling.   

We use battery and wind power as opposed to gasoline engines.  it's cheaper, safer and doesn't disturb the neighboring live water fowl that share the lake.  Our club promotes interests in sail boats, (also referred to as Pleasure class), Work boats (including Fishing boats and a variety of Tug boats),  and Military class, (including submarine, PT, and other warships).  We also utilize "Pusher Tugs" to play water football for fun.  We tried a soccer ball, but being round we soon discovered that we couldn't control the ball. 

In addition to informal weekly "sails" at the lake, and monthly club meetings, and monthly luncheons,  we have Spring and Fall Regattas where you can demonstrate your navigation abilities by steering through our navigational course.  it is challenging and fun.  Please refer to our Calendar page.   

It has been said that Fairmount Park in Riverside California, is the best area for model boating in Southern California. Our membership have shown a unique devotion to the hobby by assisting in club activities and contributing to the fun.  Come join the experience.  When someone asks you what you did on the weekend, you'll tell them with a smile.    

The Inland Nautical Society was founded in the mid 1980's by those who had (and still have) an interest in this remarkable and fun hobby.  They started associating at a place called "Tom Cat Hobbies" in Riverside.  They also coincidentally were the same people who frequently "sailed" at Fairmount Park.  The group became more formalized in the late 1980's.  Dues were collected for trophies and events.  The original membership consisted of 8 to 10 members.  It grew to 20 within a few years.  It held to that number until approximately 2001 when membership grew approximately 50 where it basically remains today in 2006.  Interested people come to our regattas from all over the state and the country.

The goal of Inland Nautical Society is to further the interest in Radio Controlled Model Boating to ensure the future of the hobby and the development of those interested.  We promote the goal by being friendly, sharing knowledge, and encouraging members in their endeavors.  If it's fun and challenging, it's more interesting. 

Interesting facts


Interesting facts: 

Some of the more interesting boats brought to the lake include ducks with propellers, a small boat powered by Sterno that heated water going through a coiled tube, and a large model of a yacht that was actually used in an early black and white movie.  Other boats have had wireless remote TV cameras, and boats with real air horns.  We also have boats that produce smoke coming out of the stack.  When there is a breeze, the smoke makes the boat look very realistic.  

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