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Inland Nautical Society officers met on Saturday July 2, 2022 to discuss organized  future activities for our RC boating club.  It was decided that we would like to set a tentative date of September 18, 2022, to have a get together at Fairmount Park in Riverside. 

This will be a non-structured event which will allow for members and RC boat enthusiasts alike to get together for the purpose of boating, selling and socializing without any of the normal fees/costs or burdens of setting up and dismantling an obstacle course.

This is an important event, as many of our members have moved or succumbed to illness or otherwise stopped participating in weekly sails.  Participation in the proposed event may determine if our club is able to continue to exist or must stop existing as a club. 

We would like to have your support and participation on September 18, 2022.  This event is free and will not have an obstacle course, nor will there be any judging of skills as we normally have had in the past.  However there will be an opportunity to show your docking skills by moving the pointer back to zero as we have done in the past.  You’ll get two attempts to move the needle as close to zero as you can without pushing it with your boat past zero. 

Additionally we will have at least two barges (or more) to tie up to and push around the lake.  As we know pushing or towing a barge changes the dynamics of traveling through or on water and is different from piloting a tugboat by itself. 

We would like you to bring your boats (and some to sell) and some lunch and drinks.  Again there will be no charge for this event.  This will be strictly a social event and will give you an opportunity to show your craftsman ship and boating skills and to say hello to old friends. 

The date is subject to change to avoid a conflict with other RC boating clubs events, so please monitor the Inland Nautical Society website for further details. 


You can also email or telephone Commodore Bill, Vice Commodore Frankie, or Webmaster Fred to indicate your interest in this event or other suggestions.

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